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Ad honorem

It is a purpose for our firm to work for the community, assuming social commitment as a priority.

Because of this, our contribution to the progress of the country includes pro bono work that it is being done by VERA ABOGADOS, among other, with the following nonprofit entities:


DESAYUNITOS Foundation domiciled in Bogota DC, Colombia, is a nonprofit self-sustaining organization that through community meals gives children suitable food which supports their nutritional needs.

The DESAYUNITOS Foundation’s mission is to provide to vulnerable children populations, physical and intellectual development opportunities, allowing them to meet and fully develop their capabilities through the realization of their dreams and achieving an encouraging construction of the future society.

Today the DESAYUNITOS Foundation has become the model to help children, frequently used by the private sector, and is an effective and powerful tool in improving the quality of life of children in Bogota, conceding positive influence on the economic, social, educational development and environmental situation of the Country.

VERA ABOGADOS has been part of several recognitions that bind the work of the DESAYUNITOS Foundation, and has been featured in several deeds with social significance.


On April 17th 1999, the GROWING TOGETHER Foundation was created, in the city of Sevilla, Valle, Colombia, whose slogan is “Smile from the Heart”.

The Foundation is focused on defending the basic rights of children and families in general, by promoting its practice emphasizing the increase of their vulnerability to abuse; detect, prevent and treat the behavior, product of a social and family hostile environment and treat both the children and families in general from its integrity as a family and as a social element.

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