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Distinctive signs

  • Regional IP history search with our legal opinion.
  • Advisory services for the correct classification of products and services.
  • Presentation of registry requests and accompaniment right up to the final issuing of certificate.
  • Regional supervision of trademark for the effect of formulating opposition lawsuits.
  • Supervision of trademark during its years of validity.
  • Timely reminders for renewal and affectation procedures.
  • Information and advising to prevent cancellation of trademark for non-use.
  • Trademark value.
  • Procedures to obtain notoriety declaration of a distinctive sign.
  • Lawsuit against cancellations for non-use, vulgarization and notoriety.
  • In general terms, all concepts and opinions related with the subject.

In terms of names and commercial slogans, given their special protection regime, we advise on the correct updating of documents to preserve proof of use without continuity solution.

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