Coronavirus and Intellectual Property

By: Natalia Vera Matiz

The new virus known as “coronavirus” has cost the death of many people, and the infection of thousands. That is why the scientists are working on a new medicine in order to contained the devastating consequences of this mentioned virus, that according to the World Health Organization is close to be pandemic, which means that all the countries of the world are near to face it in case that still has not been obligated to do it. The virus can be contagious in the easiest ways, so this make even harder to control it.

About this important theme the web portal “Mondaq” , has just published and article written by Lucy H, and Jia Xu, where revealed the new discover of the possible positive effective of a medicine named Remdesivir, that has increased the hope of a cure of the virus. The Remdesivir is derived of a drug developed by a company of biotechnological called Gilead, which is used to treat the Paramyxovirudae. In that order there are many patents developed by Gilead, that are closed to the structure of the Remdesivir, and that could work in the treatment of the coronavirus. So, the Intellectual property is playing again a fundamental role, while because of the double function of it; on the one hand stimulates the growing of science compensating the inventors of new patents, and in the other, benefits the society.

Lucy H. Jia Xu. “China: Patent Portfolio Of Remdesivir – Potential Drug For Novel Coronavirus”. Mondaq. Recovered of the web page:–Potential-Drug-For-Novel-Coronavirus”. Visited for the last time: 02/25/2020.

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