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By: Natalia Vera Matiz

The risk on the internet is for copyright owners or for users?

At first, and for many years, experts, artists, authors, and owners have been afraid because their works could be infringed through the Internet in easiest ways than before, so, this has driven the different lawmakers of the countries to design laws in order to stop the massive reproduction of copyrighted works. Between the different laws in this sense, the have put their eye in the Internet Service Providers, making them liable among other things, for the content that the users upload to their platforms. That is why, Youtube, has design a system to detect when there is a infringement of music in a channel of one of the users. Nonetheless, this system has been caused a conflict with the Law School of the New York University, given, that according to the Portal “The Verge”, surged because through the channel of Youtube of the NYU was a video about intellectual property that included a discussion of copyright and music, so, the musicians explained their points with pieces of songs. When the video was launched there was not claims, but when the video was reposted two months later the system of youtube detected and there was several claims because of the alleged copyright infringement.

NYU as is logic, alleged that the content of the video fall in the defense of fair use doctrine, although this, Youtube decided to let the dispute to the right holders, which show us, that the platform is not prepared to distinguish when there is a fair use. The right holders said that there was an infringement, but the NYU could reach directly Youtube and resolve the incident. Although, the case demonstrate that the limits and exceptions of copyright is now in risk.

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