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By: Natalia Vera Matiz

Coronavirus and access to culture

The pandemic of coronavirus has brought us an unthinkable and positive consequence, consisting in the opportunity to access to different museums, libraries and even to opera’s shows. It means we have a great chance to access to culture and knowledge. But the purpose of exalting this, is not only to invite you to make use of it, but to remember as we did in the last note of Vera, that the copyright has a double purpose, and one of those purposes is to enrich the culture of the society and stimulate new creations, and one of the ways  to achieve the mentioned goals, is precisely to let the people access to it; if we think about it, the authors are not alone creatures that are  in a manner far from the society, in the modern world, new works born inspired by the old ones, so we are in front of the necessity to create new ways, with emphasis in the digital world, in order to reach the said. The fact, that museums and libraries in this unlucky time, has found the way to let us access to their works, demonstrate that what we have raised here, is possible.

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